Migration CD
Migration CD
Migration CD
Migration CD

Migration CD

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LABEL: Deathwish Inc.

RELEASE DATE: June 18th 2021
ALBUM: Migration

In many ways all of us are migrating. To who, or from, is unique to the individual. "Migration" from Bossk is a soundtrack to that herculean journey we all take. Opener "White Stork" is a haunting swirl of analog synth noise and guitars, painting an ominous and fantastic atmosphere. "Menhir" then kicks open the door as a sludge-metal giant of a track, featuring guest vocalist Johannes Persson of Cult Of Luna. Machine-like "Iter" serves as an otherworldly interlude, a pathway to the post-metal masterpiece "HTV-3". Featuring Palm Reader vocalist Josh Mckeown, the song conjures the spirit of Tool and even late-era Faith No More in its sonic twists and turns. Experimental "Kibo" offers a deeper glimpse before fading into the horizon. "Lira" then emerges, a towering giant of a song (nearly 10 minutes in length) that contains one of their most unforgettable riffs to date. All of this leads to the epic "Unberth". A beautiful slow-build closer that brings to mind Pink Floyd in its vast sonic expanse.  

01. White Stork  
02. Mehir  
03. Iter  
04. HTV-3  
05. Kibo  
06. Lira  
07. Unberth 

Migration CD
Migration CD